Crochet bolero Prada stitch

The Prada stitch crochet bolero is an elegant and refined garment that can be made with some crochet skill. Prada stitch is a popular crochet pattern that creates a raised effect and interesting texture. Follow these instructions to create your own crocheted bolero with Prada stitch.

To get started, you will need some materials, including an appropriately sized crochet hook and the yarn of your choice. Choose a light and soft yarn to achieve a delicate result. Be sure to read the yarn labels to know the correct crochet hook size to use.

In our video tutorial we used Drago yarn in combination with Sira yarn .

Prada perforated stitch bolero tutorial video
Silk bamboo blend yarn used for bolero crochet hook
Dragon yarn used to make bolero

First, create a basic chain with the desired length for your bolero. This will be the basis of your work. Make sure the chain is long enough to fit your shoulders.

Next, start working the Prada stitch on the first few rows. To create the Prada stitch, you will work a combination of double high stitches and low links. Follow a specific pattern to achieve the desired effect. You can find free patterns online or in crochet books.

Once you have worked a few rows of the Prada stitch, you will need to shape your bolero. You can do this by increasing the number of stitches in subsequent rows to create the desired shape. For example, you could increase the number of stitches in the back to create a more pronounced neckline.

Continue working the rows in the Prada stitch until you reach the desired length for the sleeves. At this point, you can start working the two sleeves separately. Resume Prada stitch on the sleeves and continue working until the desired length is reached.

Once the sleeves are complete, join them to the body of the bolero and work a few additional rows to create a clean edge. You can use a plain stitch or a shell stitch to create a decorative border.

Finally, be careful to sew all the threads securely and to lock your crochet bolero in place to achieve the desired shape. You can use pins to secure the garment on a flat surface and spray it lightly with water to shape it.

The crochet bolero with Prada stitch is a versatile garment that can be worn over an elegant dress or over a casual top to add a touch of elegance. Experiment with different colors and yarns to create your own unique style. With a little patience and practice, you will be able to make a beautiful Prada stitch crochet bolero that will make you feel confident and fashionable.