Production and sale of yarns since 1978

Borgo de ‘Pazzi – Florence is the brand that best represents our history and our nature as yarn producers, in fact the main brand of Effe Elle srl which has been producing yarns for the most famous brands since 1978, below you can see our yarns online.

Montemurlo, is the place where we produce our products and in this place there are splendid buildings such as the Villa al Parugiano dating back to the Renaissance period where the Medici and Pazzi families fought in bloody battles as also shown in the recent Rai fiction.

But the idea for the name of our brand is mainly linked to the yarns we produce which are definitely “out of the ordinary” and which are enjoying great success in Italy, but especially abroad where we export our yarns thanks to the partnership with various specialized distributors

The new collection of Borgo de ‘Pazzi – Florence – presents a major renewal due to the inclusion of many new items.

We did it because we always want to offer the customer new products, so that he can be increasingly stimulated in his creativity.

As in every collection, Borgo de ‘Pazzi offers a decisive and firm attention to what concerns the environment and nature, the new yarns are almost entirely made of natural fibers and the presence of synthetic fibers is totally recycled.

The collection, therefore, can boast yarns with an environmental impact close to zero, since the production processes are entirely mechanical and not chemical.


We would like to remind you that since we are producers of the yarns you are going to see, we can also make special yarns according to your requests.

Nelle schede dei vari filati potrete trovare tanti modelli realizzati con il filato stesso.

Molti di questi modelli sono sulla piattaforma social Ravelry , per questo consigliamo di iscriversi dato che lo potete fare gratuitamente

We are proud of our yarns, which are used to make the most unusual things.

Con il nostro filato grosso abbiamo realizzato un video tutorial dove potete imparare a fare una coperta con il nostro GROSSO. Altre aziende concorrenti propongono il nastro di fibra per produrre le coperte. Questo provoca , col passare del tempo una deteriorazione dell’aspetto originale della coperta.

Subscribe to our youtube channel to keep up to date with the tutorial videos we are going to make.

Below is a video for making a model

This is why we thought of producing a yarn with very little twist.

They have also reinforced it with a core yarn creating chokes in the yarn that block the outflow of the hair.

For sure this yarn of ours is the largest on the market. guarda qui ,

We invite you to Montemurlo at EFFE ELLE SRL in Piazza Oglio 49 per verificare quello che stiamo affermando

We are the producers of the yarns online on the website but we do not sell in those countries where we have reached agreements with partners who will distribute the brand in their countries.


We can offer this product for wholesalers or wool shops.

We will also be happy to make you an appropriate offer for industrial uses of this product.

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