Creating a Crocheted Mini Bag with a Glitter Lanyard

Creating custom accessories can be a rewarding way to showcase one’s creativity. In this tutorial, I will guide you step by step through the process of creating a crocheted mini bag using glitter cord.

This mini bag will be stylish and unique, perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit.

Get ready to explore the wonderful world of crochet!

Video tutorial for making a mini crochet bag

Materials needed:

  1. Glitter lanyard (color of your choice) Inda Lux
  2. Crochet hook suitable for the size of the lanyard (usually between 3.5 mm and 5 mm)
  3. Scissors
  4. Decorative brooch
  5. Sewing thread (color coordinated with the lanyard)
  6. Wool needle
  7. Fabric lining (optional)
  8. Sewing machine (if you want to use a lining)


To begin, make sure you have all the materials on hand. Choose the color of glitter lanyard you prefer and get the appropriate crochet hook. Make sure the crochet hook is large enough to work comfortably with the lanyard.

Basic point

Start by making a slip knot at the end of the glitter cord. Next, insert the crochet hook into the slipknot and tighten firmly. Now you are ready to start crocheting lanyard.

Creation of the base

To create the base of the mini bag, work a series of low links into the lanyard chain. Continue working the low links until you get the desired width for the base. Remember to turn the work in each row and work the first knit low in the second chain from the end.

Working at height

Once you reach the desired width for the base, start working on the height to create the walls of the mini bag. Continue to knit low stitches, working on both the front and back sides of the lanyard. Continue until the desired height for the mini bag is reached.


To create the handle of the mini bag, make a chain long enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Attach the handle to the mini bag by firmly sewing the ends of the string to the walls of the bag.


To add a finishing touch to your mini bag, you can add a decorative pin or other appliqué of your choice.

Sew the pin on the front of the bag or add other details to further personalize your accessory(optional).

Lining (optional)

If you would like to add a lining to your mini bag, take the fabric lining in the color you want and cut it to the size of the bag.

Sew the lining by hand or using a sewing machine, following the inside outline of the mini bag. Be sure to leave an opening so you can turn the lining right side out.

Final Finishing

After sewing the lining, turn it right side out through the opening left previously.

Tuck the lining inside the mini bag and line up the seams. You can attach the lining to the walls of the bag with invisible stitches for a clean look.


Congratulations! You have just crocheted your own mini bag using a glitter cord. This unique and bright accessory will complement your style and is sure to attract attention. Experiment with different colors and add your own custom details to make your mini bag even more special. Have fun wearing it and show it off proudly!

The glitter cord to make your crochet mini bag can be found by clicking here