Furry Lanyard ” Inda Fur”

11.00 (IVA esclusa)

The price refers to a 250 gram spool . Soon to be available in all Inda colors

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If you are looking for the best furry cord for your crocheted bag creations, look no further. Our furry lanyard for crochet bags is an ideal choice. Made from the best cut yarn made in Italy, it guarantees the highest quality and durability.

Our furry drawstring is the perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your craft bag projects. Thanks to its Italian origin, you can rely on high-quality materials and traditional Italian craftsmanship to ensure outstanding results.

Don’t settle for ordinary yarns when you can have our high-end furry crochet bag cord. Choose cut yarn made in Italy and bring your creations to life with the utmost style and sophistication. Enter the world of superior crochet with our furry lanyard. Shop today and create unique and extraordinary bags!

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