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What is flax ?

The history of flax in brief

Flax is about 70 percent fiber from cellulose, derived from the plant Linum usitatissimum.

Linen was used for funeral services by the Ancient Egyptians, Its arrival in Europe occurred with the export of the fabric to Ireland by the Phoenicians and it would later become important during the Roman Empire; in fact, it was the Romans who first used it not only for clothing but also for the home, developing increasingly advanced processing techniques.

The use of cloth is then extended during the Middle Ages.

The industrialization of the 19th century also saw flax at the center of textile development.

Main uses of flax fiber and classification

Flax is classified according to the degree of fineness of the fibers: fine linens, suitable for the production of fine lace and lace cloths; middling linens that are woven for ordinary cloths; coarse linens for ordinary cloths.

Linen fabrics are used for household linens such as tablecloths, sheets, towels,and for both men’s and women’s summer clothing.

In addition to textiles, flax tow is also used to make paper and to make rope and twine.

Linen does not warp with use, is durable and hypoallergenic-in fact to date it is one of the most widely used natural fabrics in organic clothing.

The benefits of flax products and why prefer it to other fibers?

  • Resistance
  • Dries faster than cotton
  • Excellent temperature controller
  • Softness
  • Gloss
  • Flax is used both in the treatment of allergies and in preventive
  • Also often used to make personal hygiene product

Interesting facts about flax fiber

In Indian medicine, it is preferred in the form of an infusion or herbal tea to treat respiratory ailments; in the West, it is mainly recommended for constipation, irritable bowel and gastritis

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